Cherry Bomb

Hello there, everybody. How's things? Coming back from a weekend in Melaka made me sick T_T. It was windy at the bust stop and the rain was splattering right in my face. Yesterday night was teh shitz- all I could do was toss and turn and alternate from a human broiler to a refrigerator. Hope tonight won't be as bad, or better still be wonderfully refreshing.

Anyway, the weekend in sunny Melaka was pretty all right. Went shopping and bought things. And, amongst them is the new addition to the growing camera family. Yeap. Here you go:

Presenting baby Chewwy, or Cherry for the conformists, lol. She's your regular Canon A2200 compact. Seriously, after experiencing the load of the DSLR, one will definitely realize that a DSLR is completely out of the question when wanting to go for casual shopping and snapshots. It's heavy, cumbersome and annoying in just so many ways. Unless you were planning on going for a photowalk or taking more than just snapshots, just...don't bother. Really. Kids, you think it's all hip and cool to be toting a 600g+ camera with a bigass lense (or lenses for those who don't deserve to be rich =P) but really, it's just a show-and-tell contest, maybe with no tell and just all show. 

Anyways, the A2200 is a really nice, lightweight (120-ish g, almost featherlike compared to Dee) with almost all the functions you could ask for in a compact. It has a semi-manual mode, where you can adjust settings like ISO and white balance. There's your auto mode and even an easy mode, though I can't quite tell the difference between the two. Then there's the regular lot of scenes to choose from aaaaand, my favourite feature: the funky effects =D. You can choose from lomo, miniature, poster, monochrome and fisheye. Not too bad effects, I must say. 

I went about Melaka town with Chewwy and managed to get a few shots along the way. Here they are:

This is the lomo effect. It really just darkens an image and adds a vignette effect to it, but it's pretty cool.

Miniature effect blurs the top and bottom areas, besides brightening the overall photo.

Fisheye bulges the photo, though I can tell this photo is not too good an example, lol. I'll take another when I've the time.

And here's a happy family photo! Deedee unfortunately could not be in the photo, since she was the one photographing it =P. And, yeah. It's been less than a year and yet Esmond and I have collected a pretty substantial amount of cameras, new and old. Oh, the joys of life. 

That be all for now. Happy days, everybody. Have happy days.