Soothing Saturday

 Last day of March friends! And here I am peacefully alone for the day again. I love being able to have some time to myself during the weekend. Of course, too much of it will sour my mood and just turn me into an unfeeling crabby person, but it's nice while it lasts =).
I actually want to go out shopping, but I'd have to rush for assignments and cry later if I enjoy myself now. So I've decided to be a good girl and work on my assignments quietly. Here's a few shots of what I'm working on!

You'll probably see a new story in my other blog soon enough =D. Or should I just upload the completed 4 pages of comic up there as a short graphic novel? What do you think?

And here's the beginnings of my blog header! I'm also trying to design the little buttons and sidebar headers as well. Also (heroically) planned to try my hand at designing a font to be used! But maybe if it takes to long I'll do the header first then work on the whole font later XD. Right now I'm very eager to get this header completed and up! What should I have in the background? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm starting to have far more simple tastes than I had in the past, so maybe just a solid colour with a light canvas/paper texture to it. 

The marker streaks at the bottom are not colour ideas, they were practise for Illustration class when I finally unearthed my magical Copics and decided to see if I still knew how to hold a marker XD. I'm not sure if I'd still want a pale pastel theme (told ya! =D) but I'm quite sure I still want turquoise somewhere.

I was reading a post on Oh, Hello Friend! and I was brought to this game called Kern me! It's a fun little game that trains your eye for kerning! If you're on your break from your fun Saturday, you might want to give this little game a shot =).

Have a good day, folks!