Sherbet Dreams

While I was still in the swing of things and I still have time to breathe, I decided to make my sister a dreamcatcher. And here it is!

I found a gorgeous string in a paper craft store. It's made of twisted tie-dyed paper in this gorgeous pastel shades of pink, yellow and blue. So pretty! My sister likes a lot of white (think Ayumi, hence the previous almost-all white collage I made for her a few years back) so I decided to use white embroidery yarn instead of the blue cotton I used for myself. The white feathers, silver and white beads go perfectly with it =D.
This one was fairly easier to do, but a more fiddly because it is an inch smaller than the previous one. Somehow or other I still messed up the middle a bit, and the whole weave is slightly off centred from (what I believe) pulling the yarn too taut. The next one I do I'd like to try waxing the thread before weaving. I hear that it will strengthen the thread as well as make it less flexible. 

  I still couldn't find a pretty enough bead for the middle. I'm trying to find a gold star bead, but though it spawns aplenty in my imagination, they appear to be scarce and almost impossible to find in reality. Does anyone know where I may find them? I've tried searching most jewellery and bead stalls in shopping malls, but with no luck. 
I did find a pretty stall in Mid Valley that sells vintage-ish  charms, but talk about pricey! They seem light enough for dreamcatchers, though I don't believe I'd get them unless it's for someone really special =P.
The little blue beads I bought from Daiso are lovely though! I love how they look so pearly and iridescent; they remind me of mauve bubbles. So pretty <3 And this time I stuck three gold stars on the middle feather just for additional magical luck =D.

These past few weeks have been so full of events I can barely remember what happened. But it's been fun and annoying and frustrating and silly altogether so yeah. Story of my life =P. 

I wanna go shopping and give my wardrobe a makeover. Which reminds me I have a blog makeover that is long overdue and I should shoot myself for procrastinating, lol.

Have a good weekend everybody~! *waves*