Baaah I feel sleepy as heck now.

The week passed awfully quick .____. Suddenly it's Friday and the weekend again. And it feels like just yesterday I was bored as hell and wanting to go shopping and all that. I will most probably have to hole up and work on assignments for yet another week because I am amazing and the thought of lengthy bus trips annoy me and I still want to go shopping but I just don't want to take the trouble to at the same time.

Some things are just...bleh. Whatever. I hate being so selfish, wallowing in self pity and stupid thoughts, but the mood hits me even before I am aware of feeling anything. I can't actually ignore something that's offered to me in my face. And one can't help comparing, now, can they?
I always feel guilty after doing that, though, no matter how sharp the pang of bitterness may be. I feel so bad for being so ungrateful and being discontented with what I already have.

I need to go out and be sunned, lol. But then I had two hours worth of fun walking in the sun yesterday, up to the point that I got a minor sun burn about the chest and shoulders. I did not quite expect my flip flops to last the journey but they did. Go ipanema! None of the croc-shmock for me anymore, not when my yellow ones failed me back in Sem 1 and I fell into that gleaming puddle of mud.

Argh. It's just one of those ridiculous emo moments of mine. 

Totowo help me pull my mood back up. I pray to you to help me pull it back up.