Sub-Maintainer Post ver >1.01

No, I'm not actually done with revamping my blog. Still have the header to go, which will probably take a while longer.

Is this place a twee bit too red? I can't quite tell, because I like the colour red a lot and too much is never enough. But it'll be nice to hear opinions from people reading.

Not sure why I'm blogging right now, but while I'm here I'll just say that I read all my nonsensical ramblings over yesterday; right from the first post. I actually burst out laughing at some of the odd phrases I used. And I can't quite digest all the insane happenings that, well, happened. Yeah, reading back also made me remember just how much I loved Gackt. Past tense wholely intended T____T.

It's a nice cloudy day today. Someone must've forgotten to stoke the fires of hell, lol. It rained a lot in the morning, but stopped now. The birds are all perched on the telephone wires looking like large, ruffled balls of fluff. Very very very cute. I wanted to take a picture of them but they flew off when I slid the window open. Guess they're camera shy *shrug*.

I think I'll go back to drawing now. Will be back.