Probably my first and last post...

...about Gackt.

...I mean COME ON WHAT ON EARTH IS UP WITH HIS LATEST IMAGE???? Who the hell is he trying to be, Michael Jackson?! It's too soon for a new Michael; he probably hasn't even bio-degraded yet (no offense MJ). But seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY. Jesus!! Gackt-sama, you were unbelievably hot as you were, it wasn't neccessary at all for you to try to get a 'new' look. Bah. What's up with the sparkly line of silver down the cheek, the braid in the hair, the fedora, the shitastic MJ-esque (again, no offense. After all, only MJ and MJ alone can pull off something like that, believe you me) pose???!!! His latest song isn't at all nice either. How come it's starting to sound so stereotypical? If you were to listen to his earlier tracks and compare them with the latest ones, you'd notice the huge difference yourself. His songs are just...losing the Gackt-ness of it. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, I love his voice, I love his everything. But maybe that should all be in past tense. Ah.

...Is this how some people feel when they break up? Lol.

Joking aside, whoa. Come ON, people. You should know from my countless, endless rambling posts with the frequent usage of the alphabets G-A-C-K-T (maybe that's why my G key is starting to be less responsive. Hm.). When I was feeling the worst of feelings, I listened to Gackt's sexy voice and somehow manage to feel better. How I gushed over all the little bits of eccentricity that puts the G in GACKT. I think I irritated almost everyone around me 24/7 with "Gackt this" and "Gackt that". And remember just how excited I was when the Jesus video came out? I improved my side reading trying to play Last Song. I WROTE AN ESSAY ABOUT HIM IN A MID-YEAR TEST FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Gackt wasn't just an idol to me; he was my GOD.

Maybe it's because my love for him was just that intense, hence the reason why I got horribly disappointed by the new him.

I'm sorry if I actually made the other Gackt fans raging mad (and probably one or two MJ fans as well). Forgive me; but Gackt has let me down this time. I hope he hasn't for anyone else. In fact I'm hoping he reaps a million more fans with his new image. Because, without a doubt, this fan over here is burying the fangirl within her until he makes some sort of miraculous comeback.

Yes, I'm still hoping. I love him just too damn much.


...The hell. My dad just commented "Is this man worth shedding tears for?" And when I replied YES, he walked away saying "Go ahead and start crying then. But don't use the tissue papers....I paid for those."