Went and read Gaiden from beginning to end. The tears were rolling all over again.

Yes, it appears that I've been doing less and less "berfaedah" things in my life as of late.

Bleh, I need to re-design this blog all over again. All them little bits and pieces hanging out and around. Gotta stuff them back into their places *prod prod*.

I've been listening to a lot of FLOW lately. Yeah, totally out of sync with the hardcore JRock I'm accustomed to. But then, FLOW appears to specialize in happy tunes. And no one can say no to happy tunes =D.

'Oly Akito-sama, Adam Lambert has a new MV?! If I Had You. One of those happy songs. Oh noes, Gackt-sama, stop slacking! Come out with something new! Go Gackt-sama GOOOO!!!!

...I'm rambling. I'll stop right now. Farewell.