To tell you the truth, I'm actually feeling kinda pissy right now. One cause I've just come to realize the fact that my phone camera isn't quite as good as I thought it was (yeah yeah, I'm hiding behind that- the plain truth is that I'm a sucky photographer =_=), two because I can't colour hair with Copics. Phail.
Number one on my Improve Copic $k!Llz list: Hair. And good lordy, I don't seem to be making much headway in improving. I'm an absolute failure.

Anyway, I made this for breakfast today~~:

What better way to start a lovely summer morning than with fluffy pancakes drenched in golden orange syrup? Yeah, I've been doing a lot of rocket science in the kitchen these days. It's that or being stuck in a game. Haha. Anyway, I was just wondering how to make syrup, so I boiled equal parts sugar and orange juice along with some orange zest, and ta-da~. I actually had plenty of doubts of the taste at first (it's -really- sweet. Period.) and it smelled funny when I left it to cool. But now that's it has cooled off completely overnight, it has this supaaa awesome orangey-gold colour and it smells of a thousand lost Sunkist orange souls XD XD XD XD. It tastes just as good, so boo-yeah. What can I say? I've beginner's luck. It'll probably explode the next time I attempt it XD.

I have this sudden urge to re-read the entire Saiyuki manga. That or return to practicing my phailing Copic $k!lLz. Farewell now~