Midnight Visitor

Okay, so the cat be super cute, but come on!!! It's getting irritating to have you sneaking up on me like a ninja and trooping into the dustiest part of my room aka under my BED T_T.
First you sprawl in front of the toilet as you were Queen of the place, then you troop into the room and think yourself the next Christopher Columbus exploring unchartered lands, next you pwn MY throne.

...But, damn, kitty you sure now how to strike a pose =P. Now I know what Gee was up to all that while when he had you. It's that or you were watching America's Next Top model over his shoulder in the wee hours of the morning.

I'M ALMOST REACHING MY 300TH POST!!!! Should I make it a point to get a makeover by then?...

...I see a great change heading my way. Trolling will soon reach my blog XD.