Blogging Offline

Powered by Qumana

It never occured to me to blog offline. Heck, I never actually thought I'd live to see the day when I'd have to blog offline. That was back during those moments when I took my high-speed connection at home entirely for granted, of course. Now in the life of uni and slow broad band speeds and limited quota, the idea of blogging offline crept into my desperate mind and slowly, I searched, I read reviews, and finally (with the help of the internet at home, of course) I downloaded Qumana, a free offline blog editing program that will, I hope, serve me well in times of need.

It makes sense, really. Seeing as I've more or less stopped journalling my thoughts down onto paper, I'd have to rely more on my blog for the spilling of my many rants and rambles. But it's safe to say that the urge to blog will come at any unexpected time in many unexpected ways, and unfortunately it is quite apparent that high-speed internet connection/ connectivity is a gift from the gods where I am. So...here it is. My first offline post, powered by Qumana. I've yet to see the powers of it, but for now I see the layout as simple and direct to point, thought I just found out that I can't insert images from my computer beforehand. Owh well.

Not quite in the best of moods now but I will swallow the feelings of disappointment now and concentrate on completing that nagging Photoshop assignment of mine. There should be many a time for emo rants in the near future, seeing as plans are not going according to, well, planned.

It's a nice, cloudy day today. Cool and peaceful. If only the future was as calmly simple as this.