Wallpaper Wednesday: Cirrus

Hello everyone! My posts of June are so rare it feels as if the first Wallpaper Wednesday was only just yesterday. But here we go again with another pretty wallpaper, brought to you by yours truly :D.

Are any of you familiar with Bonobo? Not the primate pan paniscus, but Bonobo the musician. His recently released album entitled North Borders had a track in it named Cirrus. It was from there that I was inspired to create this pretty pattern. Bonobo's Cirrus was light and easy to listen to, absolutely perfect to cool down a hot afternoon. It reminded me of a tropical rainfall, and that was what I tried to capture through this pattern. I'm not sure about you, but the colour pattern just works for me. What do you think? Would a more sunset pink  be better? Or something more fluffy sky blue?

You can listen to Cirrus over here, on Bonobo's official Youtube. You won't regret, trust me :).

Click here to download the wallpaper size of your choice! You may have noticed that I've prepared a wallpaper for iPhone 5 now. Hope it floats your boat!

Nokia Lumia

Oh, and did you know, pan paniscus is also otherwise known as the pygmy chimpanzee. You learn something new everyday, eh?

Happy Wednesday!