Merry Christmas

To you, and you, and you.

Almost time to get out there and meet and mingle. Nothing much a-doing in the morning and afternoon. Presents, pictures, lunch and afternoon snoozle. If it wasn't for the presents it'd have been pretty much like any other day. Not that I minded. In fact, it's a lot easier on myself and everyone to have a perfectly relaxed day and not come up with fuss and parties and bigass celebrations and whatnot.

I'll take piccies of me pressies for loading eventually. And wow whee, when will I ever begin to do this blog makeover I've been talking about since forever eh?

The day is drawing nearer to a close, and soon it'll be the 26th and my sister's birthday and another year before the next season of giving and receiving.

This is probably the coldest Christmas I've ever had. Cold and very wet indeed. Kept raining on and on the whole day, on and off. Sometimes little drizzles; little droplets, sometimes bitter showers that threatened to never stop.

I hope it won't rain next Christmas. I hope it wouldn't ever have to rain again.