First post

Of the new year!

Here's to a good, productive year full of health, wealth and success for all of us! *chugs down champagne from cask*. This post shall be relatively short, as I've spent the entire day with my nose buried in Murakami's 1Q84 and I'm in no mood to leave the pages for too long now.
I updated my Skype at last! I knew something had to be odd with the way I never appear online as soon as I log on, so I checked for updates, and sure enough a new one was available. Hopefully it'll resolve the problem.
How was your New Year's celebrations? Mine was...uneventful in a positive way to say the least. Spent the early mornings of the eve throwing dinner back up. Curse you food poisoning! The end result was a funny tummy, medication and hours of sleep during the day. Now that I'm marginally better I'm stuck in Murakami's book and I don't see any way of stopping until the book is completed.

Ooh, random thought. I believe being in a relationship somewhat ages you O^O. Is it me or am I just dreaming? I mean, at the beginning there were these two adorable little kids just got into university, celebrating a boy who just turned 19 (and celebrating some *ahem* other things as well, of course =P)...

...and then you have them a couple of months later and bam. You'd think they aged twenty years overnight or something.

...Okay, maybe not. Maybe it's just me =P. But hey, you have to admit we're both freaking adorable.

I hope I'll get to spend the next Christmas and New Year and the next aeons of my life cycle with you Esmond~! Happy New Year to YOU and to EVERYBODEH READING THIS~~!!! <3 <3 <3

Also, a private Happy New Year wish to myself! I need to make a resolution's list, but since I'm at it, here's to a long, fruitful year of blogging for me and my fellow blogmates! =D