Sometimes when the weather gets unbearably hot, I find myself imagining a fantasy world where I can lounge on cool patterned tiles and listen to the refreshing trickle of a fountain. I imagine a jug of cool rose drink with lemon slices and delicate glasses beside it, and maybe a bumpy glass bowl of jelly to go with it. There would be large, soft cushions and a colourful silk throw. The breeze would be cool and constant, playing with the glass windchimes that tinkle overhead somewhere. And scents: the breeze would bring in the delicious aroma of pandan leaves and rosewater with just a hint of lemon zest: the very embodiment of green and pink and sunshine dancing in the cool air.
A cool, quiet and serene retreat from the heat and troubles that weigh down upon me. Just one of the many world I like to lose myself in sometimes.

What kind of worlds reside in your mind?