Beautiful Strength

It is completed!

The lion is looking very very dandy indeed <3. Regretted inking in Stabilo, definitely. I shall bear in mind that unless I want to have completely melted linearts, I should avoid using Stabilos for inking in the future, no matter how captivating their colours may be. Guess I'll have to save up and get those coloured Zigs I saw in Art Friend next time I'm in the Gardens...

  I really liked how the colours turned out, though they are a bit messy here and there. Originally I intended to only have blue and purple and pink but after awhile I realized I definitely needed something to make the overall thing go pop, so I added a contrasting orange. What do you think?
I made the most amazing mistake, really. What with the longest semester break I'd have and I leave my markers behind, hence having to resort to watercolours. It's a nice change, though. Might as well sharpen my painting $k!lLz since I'm in no mood to practice my digital (didn't even bring my tablet back; Joanne you be awesome yes you be) and I've no markers to practice upon. Oh well.

First artwork of 2012 by the way! May the passion live on strong and beautiful =).