Despite the overall whiteness of the design, I am loving this new blogger! I can now add labels to all my previously label-less posts quickly and easily! Amazing what labels can do for you. It categorizes all your happy emo sad funny retarded angry posts efficiently and all you have to do it click on one label and you can see all the other posts with the same key words! \^O^/

I realize it is quite late in the day for me to finally come to grips with the labels, but better late than never right? =P.

Anyway, it's back to spring cleaning for me. How are your CNY preparations? Only a few more days away before we can all parade in our fancy new clothes and gather red packets like picking flowers in a meadow full of roses and honeysuckles ^w^.
Did I ever mention how I dislike CNY? It's the time of the year when my house suddenly transforms into some magical 24 hour restaurant and the whole world is suddenly on the brink of starvation and we're the only restaurant open O^O. 

There, I've said it. Be off with you now *bounds away*