...I remember a time ago, an incident (aka a really rainy day when I had to run in the rain that resulted in my notebook-cum-organizer being drenched and half the things written inside were all runny) led me to come up with a life motto: 'Say No to Stabilo'. Reason being all the things written in said notebook with a Stabilo pen ran as if all the king's horses and all the king's men were after them. Yeah. I guess it doesn't need to be said that the king's entire cavalry regiment were unable to restore those lost words in the rain-swollen notebook, so yeah. Say No to Stabilo became the slogan when anything important needed to be penned down.

And here I am, inking an A3 drawing entirely with a pretty lilac Stabilo pen, with plans of watercolours after.

Not sure how the end result will be, but I think my safest bet would have a clean, digital copy secured before I proceed with the whole painting with watercolours business. Yeap.

Tune in to more updates, folks~!