So I Finally Completed Assassin's Creed II..

And Ezio's like, "Now what? =/"

I'll tell you now what. DOWNLOAD BROTHERHOOD!!! 8D 8D 8D 8D

Damn it, I knew I should've brought Terry back. Had I brought him along I wouldn't have to sit here and download shyt that might not even work when the download be complete. Stupid, stupid, fish.

The game was fun though! I realized I started playing it in the August of 2010...took me more than a year of inconsistent playing to finally realize it's full awesomeness. Go me! What I really liked was the super-detailed and realistic buildings and shtuff. It's these little things that really draw you into the game and build up the whole atmosphere. Very impressive world, the puzzles weren't all that easy to complete, and there was just so many things to do! I actually have not completed all the side quests and collections (but not that much either =P). Of course, the missions were very entertaining as well. I have never played the first game so I have nothing to compare it with, but I thoroughly enjoyed the game as its own. Am hoping that Brotherhood and later, Revelations, will not disappoint. 

I miss Prince of Persia all of a sudden. It's sad that I can't quite remember all of what happened in the games. I need to play them all over again. Not want, need. NEED. Bwahahaha 8D.

Yeah, I chose the close-to-Chinese-New-Year-end-of-sem-break to become industrious. Bow to me and my powerz, bwahaha.