Hello hello, first week of 2012 gradually reaching a close; how has the new year been treating everyone so far? Amongst things I've been doing the most (or should be doing less of), reading seems to have taken up a considerable amount of my time. Not that I mind, I actually miss spending uninterrupted hours of reading. Those moments when you forget about everything around you and you're watching and living in the world of the book. When I have a house of my own, one room must definitely be a library, no matter how small.

But, anyway, as the title of the post might hint, the new year and reading isn't really what I'm here to ramble about. I was pondering on the relation between music and memory, and how sometimes, listening to certain songs or music would revive a certain moment in your past. I'm sure a lot of you have something similar happening to you. Like how Gackt's Jesus reminds me of Christmas, particularly the festive season in Singapore, and yet I can't explain to anyone why it does. Maybe it was because the single was released in December or something, but yeah. Emo rock song reminds me of fairy lights and Santa, haha.

Another one of these music-memories is when I'm listening to Pendulum's Immersion album. This one reminds me of the day when Esmond and I went on our adventure to The Click Shop in SS/2. I remember listening to the album on the bus ride to the train station, so when the tracks play again I remember the traffic, the bus rolling along, and the hot sun outside and the cool air-conditioning of the bus inside.
This memory I am particularly fond of. I loved how we went out to someplace both of us had never seen, and not knowing what to expect at all. Getting on the train and riding along, then to look for the right buses to get on. And when we found the place, it was accomplishing a mission or finding treasure XD. Even the odd town bus we took back into the city centre was fun. Just to see all those sights, and places I'd never seen, however normal they are, felt exciting. I suppose that's the whole idea of seeing new sights, to feel refreshed and invigorated by the new experiences you get. And yet, to this very day, I still haven't actually taken a single serious lomo shot with Diana XD. I suppose this is one of those rare moments when it really doesn't matter the destination, but it is the journey that matters.

In the off chance you were wondering what this post meant, well. It doesn't mean anything, really. Imagine memory like a nice, well-stocked wine cellar, growing day-by-day. I just happened to take out a bottle of vintage from July of 2011 and took a nice, long drink from it, reliving its sweet, delicious taste again.
I'm not sure why I even bothered with the reference to the wine, I should've just said that every time I listen to Immersion the very same memory would come back to me, so that no matter what I happen to be doing, I pause and think myself back to that sunny day that I enjoyed every moment of.

That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of the week, folks.