New faces, old memories.

I clicked on Facebook's Timeline button today. Argh, I knew I shouldn't have; I should've known there wouldn't be a revert to old interface button XD. Owh well, nothing much I can do about that.

So since I'd gotten myself into the mood for clicking fancy new shiny buttons, I clicked on the new Blogger interface thingy, and here I am trying it out for the first time. It reminds me very much of Qumana and emails, and it is a tad too white for me. Any chance of customizing the dashboard I wonder? Gotta poke around after this.

I'm going up to KL for the weekend, and that is another funny thing to think about. Back when I was still in high school, a weekend trip to KL would be so much fun; I was actually excited to go up and go shopping and shyt. Now it's like, KL? Bleh. Owhkay.

Guess it's just one of those changes in life we all go through, eh?

I was reading my old journal yesterday night, and when I say old I mean like '07-'09...and oh my god. It's so amazing, just how much I've forgotten. I couldn't actually remember some things that happened. I haven't read my journal from '04 (OMG!), but I can tell it'd be just as astonishing =P. At some point I had to stop and ask myself 'wow, Joanne, I can't believe that was you'.

If I had the chance, back then, to glimpse at the person I am now, today, I think I'd ask myself, 'wow, Joanne, I can't believe THIS is you', lol. But, most of my life in recent years were not recorded down, and to be honest I've already forgotten most of the lesser happenings. It's sad, really, because I'd like to be able to read about happenings now 6 years in the future. But at this rate, I'd have precious little to look back at. And relying on my memory is, well, not one of the recommended methods.

If you have old journals or diaries, it'd be cool to take a look at them now just to see how far you've gone in life. I have 3 journals, the last one with the most amount of gaps, I am ashamed to say. But, well, there's this here blog, so if I'm going to make sure I have something to read when I'm older and grayer, I should wean away from the paper and pen and really get serious into the whole blogging thing. Things would probably get awfully personal, though. Lol. But, yeah. Blog now for the future! =D

That last sentence reminds me of a poster I was planning on doing for myself. Kind of a motivational poster for when I'm not in the best of moods. Let's see if there will be progress on that one in the near future. For now it's back to the watercolours and the 'dandy-lion'. Till next time~