RE-VAMP [unfinished dream]


Okay, I believe that it can be better, but for now I'll leave it as this, eh?
A whole lot brighter (and pretty-pastel; I suppose I can never actually escape the female within me even if I wanted to XD) than the previous one, and everyone'll probably notice the fact that 'My God' Gackt has been taken down. Lol. Yeah, Gackt-sama's a thing of the past now. Haha. Right now, I'm really listening to this awesome fusion jazz trio DIMENSION.

They're old, but heck, with age comes a whole load of experience and talent.

I've known about them for a long long while, ever since Saiyuki Reload/Reload Gunlock where they made most of the awesome jazzy soundtrack (I'm still addicted to Sanzo's theme). Just got curious, then rooted out a couple of their albums, including their latest album 22 (which I didn't really like). It's odd, but the further back I go, the better I like them. Their 2003 album Memory ~Waltz for the Forest~ is really pretty, and a couple of other albums from '05 and '01 are amazing too. Sax-lovers you have got to listen to these guys ;D.

Anyways, I've been sick sick sick (it was the mother of all bloody sore throats, I tell you), but much better now, thank Akito-sama. Gosh, I've been off work a week =_=. Hope they don't miss me too much over there, haha. It all started with the little sniffle-fever, which promptly got worse after I went up to KL for a LKW interview (upgraded my diploma scholarship to a degree, boo-yeah). Was suppose to go to Kino but I ended up feeling too sick so we went home the morning after. Gah. I am so going to Kino on my next off. I shall then purchase Saiyuki Reload 9 and Salty-dog VI because I can. Bwahaha. Yes, my insane craze for the Saiyuki series has returned after years and years of exile. And I don't think I can ever actually get over it. Long live Minekura-sensei!!! =D.

Right, nothing much else to spout about, so I'll leave you all with my latest drawing, entitled Sordid. Wash your eyes off it, then.


No idea what gave me the idea to draw it, but I did, so yeah. Very graffitti-nature inspired and with a more minimalistic colour-palette. Was definitely trying to improve my retarded Copic $k!lLz (no, really, I feel as if I'm letting my Copics down. I spend a fortune on them and yet all I come up with are doodle-daubs toddlers can achieve). Quite happy with how the odd-girl's skin turned out, though. Woot.

Anyway, this is a good enough update to keep you all entertained for a while, eh? Gosh, last post for April. Haha. Apologies for the inconsistency. I will make an attempt to cure it.

Off to read Saiyuki Gaiden. Farewell~