What's happening back in Melaka, eh? What's the public holiday for? How come Selangor doesn't get the day off too? =_=.

Anyway, yeah. Hello hello =D. Random ramble-update time! I made friends with some awesome PC gamers lately. Man do I feel like the noob of all noobs XD. But they've kindly undertaken to make me not-so noobish (or rather I made them undertake me- I'm absolutely shameless when it comes to finding games. PC gamers of LUCT, if you see me coming your way you better run the opposite direction- or hand up them games ;D). Hence, Goo-ni now houses Chaos Legion, Resident Evil 5, DMC3 & 4, Splinter Cell Conviction, Prototype and Ninja Blade. Bwahaha. Ironically, though I've gotten (most) of the games I wanted, I haven't the time to do anything more than try them out to see if they were working. Haha. I've got two major assignments going along in full swing- both due week 14 aka very very VERY soon D=. I'm screwed beyond measure. Lol. And this is only the first sem; can't imagine how I'll fare in later semesters, haha.

Oh, and for anyone who'd wish to be interested, I've got a new story up over at my other blog! Go check it out if you like =). I'm sorry for the complete inconsistency- my imagination works at odd spasms at a rate of a few-months interval, lol. And somehow I feel as if my stories are no good; they seem to be too wordy and long-winded. It's more difficult than it seems- trying to find the right words to express the feelings and induce the mood. Sometimes even my Thesaurus fails me T.T. Oh well. Practice, Joanne! Practice is all you need to make your writing $k!lLz aweshum. Haha.

Short post today. Still in love with the two albums I downloaded recently. Karma is still <3 <3 <3. Goodbye for now~