~I'm Lovin' It~

Name: MACdonald. Ronald MACdonald.
Code-name: Goo-ni <3

Yes yes. I finally have a laptop and internet connection. Let us all celebrate my good-fortune with milk and cookies *hands out doughnuts*. Not too bad deal, I suppose. Got the satin-red casing as well as installed Adobe Suite, Office Mac and Windows 7 Pro. It feels a waste, though, I'm 3 weeks away from end of sem and I have little research to do at this time =_=. Oh well, if I plan to rot at home this sem break (which I won't, heaven forbid; I need to go earn some money for my DSLR in time for 3rd sem *dies*), the holidays will certainly be action-packed. Lol.

Now all I need is a keyboard, mouse, and notebook cooler. Wahaha.

Ima gonna keep this post short and sweet. Will return with rambles later <3. Farewell~! <3

P.S: I'm BACK =D