Running out of fancy titles

Yeah, I guess it has to happen sometime when you've blogged too long D=.

Gosh, I'm missing the high-speed connection back home. During the weekend I downloaded everything and anything I could get my hands on, just for the sake of watching the minutes turn to seconds and the download bar going 'fhweee~ee~ee~~~'. Over here any attempt to download will leave you waiting for at least 2 hours and even then the bar ain't moving =_=.

I'm in love with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi!!! I think in some aspects it is better than JR, because at least it has some knowledgeable...knowledge? (lol) to procur. Like the sneak peak into what goes on in the publishing world. Though I think it isn't as racy as JR, perhaps it's too early in the day to say so? (literally, haha).

Yeah, I'm crapping. Aren't I always? XD.

Drawing with grid is FUN~!! No, seriously. It's challenging, it makes you look stupid when you have to use a calculator to get measurements for the squares (only to realize they'd turned into rectangles), you'll probably wish you were dead when you've just begun, but it's FUN~! I mean, it's like a puzzle where you connect the stuff in one square to the other and when you see it all come together you can't help but go 8DDD.

Not sure when I can ever finish this A2 one though. Next semester, probably. Lol.

I wanna sleep but can't seem to be able to. My brain is on alert. Like really sparkly lights and elevator music going 'do-de-do-de-do~~' round and round. Oh, oh, speaking of sparkly lights...

Oh my gawd I hurt my own eyes X.X

The wedding I went to for the weekend was TIRING but so fun. I can't believe it, I actually spent an entire day in dresses. Big wtf, lol. I looked as if I were cosplaying the Wonder Girls at night, and ironically enough the main theme song seemed to be 'Nobody' XD. At one point everyone, young and old, serious and wacky, were shaking their butts and clapping their hands to the beats XD. I wonder whose wedding will be next and what the next song will be. Haha.

Oh oh, one thing I know, though. Next time my wedding's morning reception shall be at 12. PM. Lol.

Bye bye~~~ *elevator goes down*