Dance Rock Love

New songs!!!! So happy with them, lol. I first heard of Breathe Carolina from a random song I played on Nik's iPod. Playing Hello Fascination on Tap Tap Revenge was love at first....listen? Lol, that didn't sound right. Anyway, yeah, the entire album is awesome; pop-rock-dancey goodness with screamo bits here and there!!! Then I went and got MUCC's latest album Karma and MAAAN MUCC YOU GUYS REALLY OUTDID YOURSELVES!!!! =D. Personally I don't really like it when singers/band change styles; who would, really? Cause thinking logically, you'd love a band because of the style they already have, if they changed you wouldn't love it, now, would you? But then MUCC totally changed for the better XD. Their new dance-rock style is fresh, upbeat and yet they still maintain their hard rock-screamo style. Totally awesome <3

Went to Mines yesterday and bought accessories for baby Gooni!!! Lol. I can't get over his adorable name(s) XD. Anyway got a notebook cooler, mouse, keyboard and sleeve. I got Ninja Blade as well but somehow or other installation is screwed so I need some help with that (anyone? :( ). Right now Gooni has Chaos Legion and Resident Evil 5 in him so...yeah. =D. I'm looking for Assassin's Creed, POP series and DMC. Help!!!

Speaking of which, anyone watched the alleged DMC5 trailer lately? Big WTF. Go check it out if you haven't and let your jaw drop as mine did. And not in too good a way. Lol.

Assignment time. Farewell~