I wonder why everyone just like pictures of the flag in the breeze. Is it cause it looks so...majestic? I think it looks flimsy. LOL. ISA don't you dare try to hound me. Haha.

Anyways, yeah! Happy Malaysia Day! The day our great nation came to birth (sans S'pore, boo T^T), the hour when we joined multicoloured hands and formed this great land that we're so lucky to be born into! Think about it, without Malaysia, we Malaysians wouldn't be able to meet the people we love and know now. Without this land we wouldn't be educated, love and be loved, experience freedom and enjoy life with all its necessities and luxuries. Go Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh!!! 8D

...And instead of listening to Jalur Gemilang or Negaraku I'm addicted to SJ's BONAMANA. Hahaha.