I did it

...I finally made a Facebook account. Lol.

No, this will in no way affect (or is it effect? Gawd my English is deteriorating DX) my performance here on my good ol' blog. You'll still have happy rambles and stupid rants and funny pictures here.

Oh, reason for the sudden change of heart? No, it wasn't because I wanted to get out of under my rock (I honestly like it under there). It's so I can keep in touch with my dear group members for our final sem assignment. Stupid, but true.

(There is that one retarded reason but that's for me to know and for you to wish you could find out but never will)

So...update? Whoa. Too much. I'll make a longer post sometime soon. I've got a whole buncha narratives to spill XD. Too sleepy to concentrate right now, so this post shall be short and sweet.

Oh, oh, oh!. 12 AM everybody! SELAMAT HARI RAYAAAA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!