Boom Babeh


So...yeah. Woot. 200 posts worth of my life recorded in readable fonts, for all the world to view and interpret as their own. What fun.

I'm feeling sleepy. Haha. Let's hope I can stay alive long enough to put all I want in here. Here's something interesting to know: I came back to Melaka exactly one month after I went up. Yesterday marked my one month anniversary in KL living the life of a university first-sem student. How did things go? Well enough. There were shitty moments, but I believe that's all part of learning. And, come on, life wouldn't be worth living for if there weren't some screwups along the way, right? Lol.

So for those of my happy friends who'll probably go along paths heading to directions away from the artistic university, I'll tell you now what you'll learn: sharpening pencils!!! =D. Yes, you pay at least 80k for a degree programme at a (supposedly) prestigious art university and when you go there the lecturer says "okay class, this is how you sharpen pencils~~~".

Haha, no, it's not exactly as bad as it sounds. Foundation year's all about learning the fundamentals, right? So if you can't sharpen a pencil right you probably won't be able to draw right as well. And you don't use sharpeners. Penknives, friends. Cutters. Blades. Whatever you call it. And, mind you, it takes goddamn skill. I mean, anyone can sharpen a pencil with a cutter. Whether you're cutting it right and cutting it well is an entirely different matter. Hence the need to actually learn the technique. You get yourself a fancy brand new pencil like this:

and when you're done shaving off wood and graphite that is apparently of no importance, you end up with a pencil (or two- depending on how many times you screw up) that looks like this:
The bottom one was my first attempt. As you can see the poor pencil lost almost half its life through all the sharpening.

And here we have the keys to my condo in Desaria Villa, complete with adorable monkey keychain.
I have keys to doors that don't even lock, believe it or not. Haha.

And this is me hard at work in Design Fundamental class, JRock music and all:

My classmate, also going into Professional Design after foundation, and fellow banana, Clara:

Classmates Yik and Vincent. Vincent is the one guy I know that openly adores pink (that's his pencilbox right over there *points*). He apparently collects awesome headphones and sneakers XD. And he shops more than a girl. Lol.

Awesome awesome crazy girls, Nik and Jesslyn. Nik is Malay and Malaysian but can't speak BM (she's the only one I know in our class- in our semester- to actually be taking the Bahasa Kebangsaan module, lol). Jesslyn's a happy Indonesian with the trademark Blackberry and she just recently purchased a SE Xperia. Richass. Haha.

Dang, I just realized that I haven't a picture of Nayla. Okay, I'll take a picture with her on Monday. Haha.
Oh, and we were making models for Analytical Drawing. Over here is Clara hard at work with hers:

And later on in the middle of the frustration of getting it all right there was a great need to unwind with funky green glasses, one in the form of shamrock and one Nizam-inspired. LOL. Both glasses courtesy of Nik, long-lost sister of our Drawing Fundamental lecturer. Hahaha.


So...that's about all for now. Yay for the 200th post!!! I'll be heading back to the land of the idiots on Sunday, so there might just be time for another post somewhere in between. For now I shall leave you a picture I caught when I finally stepped onto the soil I spilled my blood upon (is that an adequate translation of tanah tumpahnya darahku? LoL). I just happened to be sitting on the right side of the road at the right time. Haha.

Farewell <3 <3 <3