For the time being, yes =D

How has everybody been? I actually got sick in KL. Bleh. It was the life at its lowest ebb, lol. But I'm more or less okay, and I'm proud to announce that I've survived the first week of uni life at LUCT! Orientation week was craaaazy, but enjoyable XD. This first week of classes wasn't much; it was mostly introductions to the modules we were going to study. Spent most of my time getting to know the location of classes and the faculty lounge and making friends. I've come to realize that I make friends in the oddest of ways, so if you see me coming your way (which you probably won't see as I tend to pop outta nowhere when you least expect it XD) you might want to head the other direction.

Oooh, listening to d'espa's latest album, Monsters right now. It's awesomeeee~~~~ *squeal* <3

Anyway, yeah, I've made lots and lots of friends, and met lots of wonderful people from all walks of life. It's really fun! I'm sure there're a couple of bad apples somewhere, but I haven't met those yet *touches wood* and really, the great guys totally outnumber them shadowy dudes. The only two (2) things that irk me in LUCT is 1: Almost three quarters of the campus population smoke like chimneys and 2: Almost half of the one quarter are Chinese-ed. Maybe more; I didn't really count. Mind you, I've nothing against these two kinds of people, but...goddamn~ LUCT is like the one place I've ALWAYS dreamt of being in ever since I'd heard of it, and now that the miracle of me getting in actually came true, it dawned on me that I'm surrounded by the two types of people I dislike the most. Hahaha. But I've more or less accepted it, so yeah. I'll live. Who knows, down the 4 years I might just end up as one of either- or both. Lol. TOUCH WOOD~~~ XD.

So, yeah, back for the weekend. Have to do research for a couple of classes, and buy art materials. There's a huge hole in my pocket already just buying paper. Haha. Downloading all the awesome new releases I missed out on. I'll say it again, d'espa's album is AWESOME!!!! I also downloaded Gackt's single for niceness' sake, and I suppose the song's okay...I watched the video and my heart stopped beating. My jaw dropped. In horror. *Sigh*. Whatever, I've given up on the man. Hope the rest of his fans don't stop supporting him. On a happier note, I listened to Sel'm's latest single, Arrow, and it's not too bad, so going to listen to their other singles/albums. So...yeah.

Okay, done for now. Back to staring at random parts of the screen XD.