...I just realized that I have less photos to share with the world than I thought I did @@.

Anyways, we've been doing lots of new stuff during classes. We do new stuff every week come to think about it. Moving at the speed of light. Lol.

So over at Nizam's Draw. Fund class we have to work on shade and tone and draw outdoors aka sit around campus like little lost birds and draw random plants. My subject of choice: yam leaves.

They were conveniently available, so what the heck.

And here's the promised photo of Super-Nayla looking Super-Hawt~

And while we were all busy drawing, a cat came around visiting! It was freaking adorable XD. It came round to us in turn, inspecting us, then decided to take a nap at Denny's feet. So cute.

The leaves are harder to draw than you think though =_=. I have to shade the entire A2 background. In black. With graphite pencil. Wtf.

Drawing organic objects in Analytical Drawing, and due to lack of earphones + JRock, I amused myself and made a friend out of Nik's potato. Ladies and gentlemen I present you Steve Tuberty. You may call him Tube XD.

As you can see, life is not as serious as it should be. I have lots and lots of stuff to ramble about, actually. Like my new Des. Fund lecturer Eric. His Hongkee accent and habit of talking really fast and laughing at his own jokes makes me go LOL but leaves everyone else staring blankly. Then I'm swamped with one crazy assignment after another, so for the week's hols I'll be holed up in my room shading and sticking and doodling and (most probably) swearing my head off.

Oh, and though I'd love to share with the world the fruits of my labours, the products of my hours hunched over at a table without sleep, I can't. All the artwork I've done belongs to LUCT and therefore cannot be posted anywhere else. I won't even be getting my stuff back when I've passed them up T_T. Sad but true.

...This is shorter than I expected it to be. Oh well. Tune in to the next update, folks.