........I believe I've gotten used to the unmappable controls of DMC3.


Just for the record, I know most of you guys out there are probably getting uber-swanky jobs or something. And....no. I don't think I'll be getting one. Haha. Reason being: a) I can't drive myself to my job, b) I'm going to KL to begin tertiary education immediately next year and not to Form 6 and whatnot, c) I feel as if I haven't played enough DMC yet.

...Scratch that last one; I've only got 2 more days with DMC anyway before my sister leaves for KL. Again.

So. I've decided that unlike my many hardworking chums out there, I shall stay and work in the comforts of my own home. By that I mean working online. Selling random stuff on eBay and shits. Yeah. Let's see how well I fare eh? It's either I earn mega-millions, or I end up being a pauper. Lol.

One more day of 2009 left, ladies and gentlemen. The end is near.