Adam Lambert might just be my next god.


Okay, don't even ask me how I got around to liking this guy, even though I never did watch American Idol.

...I watched MTV at the wrongest of times, let's put it that way.

But, dudes, seriously speaking, you've gotta admit he's pretty hawt. Pretty smoking hawt. With a super-sexy voice to match XD. I fell head-over-heels in love with that horny-raised-eyebrow-c'mon-gesture from the For Your Entertainment video (told you I watched MTV at the wrong time), then I buzzed off in search of the album when I realized I couldn't get the song outta my head. And, haha. I think there's a lot of mixed reviews going round the net about the album, but for most of my part, I'm loving it. You can't help getting all horny listening to his songs. LOL. Kidding, kidding. But he's absolutely talented, so he deserves the attention I'm giving him. Despite the fact that most of his poses in front of the camera simply scream "I'm ghey and lovin' it ;D".

...Good thing Gackt's a vampy; he won't be dying anytime soon. Haha.