Today's probably a pretty special day to most of us who care to remember.

It's a day where we stop and think and spare a few minutes of our precious time and thoughts for that special someone that slipped through the fingers of time, into the dimension of eternity.

Can you believe it? Practically a year has gone by. Just like that, a whole buncha days went past, our planet just made one more circuit around its orbit, and there we go. We're back to the starting point again. Only there's been a couple of changes here and there. There always had been. So...yeah.

This is a birthday story I wrote in tribute.
Please read it, and correct me where I may be wrong.

The tone of it is pretty...conversational. A bit careless, if you will. Something like an inner monologue, a reflection to that day in a way that most of us young people might try to adopt to in hopes of easing the pain a little.

...Why would I be writing about death on a day of birth?
Have a good day, everybody~