It's A...


Yeah, my parents got it for me for my flampastically stunning results XD XD XD XD.

I've had my eye(s) on it for a while, though when I first saw it I had no idea what model/brand it was. All I knew was that the phone's a red clamshell and I like it a lot XD.

It doesn't have Wi-Fi and a secondary camera for personal camwhoring (XD) but other than that, it's a really swanky piece of communications technology and I'm proud to claim ownership. Also, I'm very happy that the red model is a limited edition (released for CNY) because I see a lot of people around with the same phone model. So, yeah.

Close-up of wallpaper~

Reason why Suzuki-san dominates the front screen is that coincidentally, Misaki owns a red clamshell as well, and in JR season 2 episode 5 there was a screenshot of his wallpaper:


Also got myself a 4GB M2 card to go with it (440 songs and counting, W00T), and a new DiGi number. Now I can sms/call my many friends without having to worry about insane costs and vice versa =D. It was a pretty lengthy first sms I sent, but well worth it because it gave me the chance to get used to the Sony Ericsson sms style, when all this while I've been using Nokia's. Sms-ed family, friends, relatives, bosses...XD. If you feel that you've been left out, gimme a tingle and I'll send something over, provided I have you on my contacts list, lol.

That's about all for now. Farewell folks~