And the results....

10 A's 1 B+


I was shocked in both ways, yes. Lol. My parents were stunned into silence.

Considering the fact that I have little to no memory of studying, and that I believe I played DMC4 more that I opened my books, I think I did pretty well, dontcha think? XD.

Had a mini celebration in Papa John's after work at 8 with Brandon, Kay Ai and Reuben. And my boss(es) gave me a slice of cake as a reward. Oh, the joys of happy boss(es) XD. Thank you, by the way! Much touched. Haha.

After that at 11pm had staff meeting and while boss 1 was reading out the agenda, boss 2 said "Stop stop...first thing, an announcement. Joanne got 10 As for SPM." Cue rest of staff to burst into applause, then the meeting commenced. Lol. It was an odd, odd meeting, let me tell you. Yes.

So, that's about it for now. Will update soon enough. Farewell.