Holy Akito-sama

Well technically it should be holy Gackt-sama up there, but I thought Akito could use some screen time, after all that while of not acknowledging him XD.

Good lordy, I'm stupidly tired. Why am I stupidly tired? Beats me. Probably sleeping late and rising early. Then the overload of accounts close to daily (pretty much every day except Tuesday and Saturdays DX). Not only that, 1001 other different pieces of shit still clamour for my attention, some which are escaping me as I type. God, for a retarded 17-year-old I have the memory of a goldfish. Haha.

Being tired out at the end of the day is a good thing. In a way. Getting occupied with anything and everything possible at every minute of the day stops my mind from wandering into the painful abyss of longing.
Don't go thinking something else you horny horny person ;D.

99th entry! No wai! And I remember the time when I first started this blog a long while ago. I remember typing about me having a previous account but not remembering a thing about it. Hey, so maybe my memory's not as bad as I feared 8D. Ah, I remember that day as if it was just yesterday.
...What day was it anyway? XD XD XD.

Downloading the second half of Gazette's album. Whoo! Yes, I'm excited. I liked the previous singles a lot, so I'm sure this full album will not disappoint. Nuhuhu~

*strings streamers and blows up balloons*

Stay tuned to the next post- the celebration of the 100th entry!!! 8D