90th entry! 8D Yeah, I know, it's probably like "Whoa God FINALLY I reached the 90th entry" XD. But I won't make excuses. I do procrastinate and tend to forget I own a blog, hence the lack in blog entries. Besides, I believe in 'quality over quantity'


Anyways, what better way is there than to celebrate the coming of the 90th entry and the on-the-way 100th entry by blogging about Gackt-sama? XD. The final instalment of 'A piece of Requiem et Réminiscence ~想いのカケラ~' was released on the 1st of July, and now since I've heard all four singles, I shall blog about them all in one go. Whee!

The 1st Heaven: Koakuma Heaven

Bwahaha. The single that nearly made me cry 1 Litre of Tears (pun intended-or is it a pun? oO;) XD. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't have thought that Gackt-sama might've turned into a pop-transvestite of epic proportions?! XD. But thankfully I kept my ears and mind opened and my fingers and toes tightly crossed, because this single turned out to be really catchy =D. The first song is Koakuma Heaven, obviously. It's another dancey track, though totally unlike Ghost. Though if you want me to make a comparison, I'd tell you that Vanilla+Ghost= Koakuma Heaven XD. The lyrics are absolute porno. Haha. Don't let the pink fool you!
The B-side of the single is My Father's Day, which is, if I'm not mistaken, a song Gackt wrote for his dad. It's very pop-rock, something along the lines of a few of his Diabolos tracks. I know some people out there say it's very Black Stone, but I think it's pretty unique in itself.

The 2nd Heaven: Faraway

Faraway 〜星に願いを〜, another catchy poppy-rock song. It's pretty upbeat and happy-ish, and I'm not sure what it has to do with girls/guys flinging their underwear about @@. All the same, the song has quite a lot of underwear-swinging to it...and hand-clapping. Yes. You'll know what I mean when you listen to it.
The B-side is Oblivious 〜顔のない天使〜. I love love LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. Goddamn, it's Gackt going uber-awesome all over again. It's very Last Song, especially with the guitar opening, and the chorus is super-amazing. And his voice is just woooOOOOOooOOOoo~~~ *swoons* XD. If you're going to die tomorrow, you have got to listen to this song today XD.

The 3rd Heaven: Lost Angels

In this here single we can hear Gackt returning to his old awesome roots with a little twist to it =D. Lost Angels is something of a slow-rock song, complete with piano and violin accompanaiments. I like the militarish drumbeats- you can hear it more clearly at the end of the song. The song's kinda like Todokanai Ai to Shitteita no ni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa... but I like this one a whole lot better XD.
There're two B-sides to this single: No Reason and Suddenly. No Reason is a regular-though-not-so-regular rock number. It's pretty much a new style, though it vaguely reminds me of White Eyes or Uncontrol (the more I type the more I realise how many Gackt titles I've memorised @@. All the wasted space that I should be using to store History dates and Economy facts. Gah). Suddenly is also another new style. Another song that I absolutely LOVE. This song is fantastic. If you can't hear it on this blog, go download/purchase the single NAO and listen to it. Before you die XD. I don't know why I love this song, but I just do. It's probably the melody. And the electric guitar. Whoo~

The 4th Heaven- Flower.

I love Flower! No, really! It's pretty mellow (hm. Could that be the right word to use I wonder?), and the lyrics are really quite sad. Gah. Go Gackt and his wonderfully meaningful lyrics! ><. I thought at first that Flower would be a slow ballad, but Gackt proved me wrong yet again. Heh. Turned out to be some totally awesome rock song. Haha. Love the melody and the electric guitar. Gosh, when Gackt's awesome he's just frickin' awesome =3. Irreplaceable flower? Whoo~
B-side is In Flames. Can't quite catch the tune yet, but it's definitely rock, and definitely Gackt XD. He goes all high innit. Lol. Not high high, but...oh dang. Go listen to it and enjoy the Gackt-ness of it yourself. Haha.

So, yeah. Gackt. What is there to elaborate? He never fails to surprise and amaze, doesn't he? I've never actually went this crazy over a singer. Not since the good ol' days of Westlife (I still like their songs. They're really good. Go to hell if you're laughing now), and even then it wasn't that crazy. Haha. Hopefully Gackt continues to produce music worth worshipping for a long long time. Long live Gackt-sama! 8D