Fantastically Fonty Fact!!!

Haha, hello! 8D. Okay, I'm not quite sure how many people actually know this, and I think that most typography enthusiasts will go "well, duh!!!", but what the heck. I just found out something that I'd been wondering about and now I shall share it with the rest of the ignorant world.

Ya know that font-thing you're always hearing about? The serif thing? Yeah. Apparently, serif actually refers to the little thingies you see sticking out at the ends of the strokes of the alphabet.

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia~

The red highlighted thingies are the serifs. Yes. Fonts with serifs are known simply as serif typeface, or sometimes Roman.

So now you know where the Roman in Times New Roman came from =D.

And with that knowledge, the word sans is French for 'without' so...sans serif= without serif! Also sometimes known as 'Gothic'. Fonts like the ever famous Arial and Trebuchet are sans serif typefaces.

I got this information when reading my art textbook. The one I bought last year and never opened and read till yesterday. It has, surprisingly, a lot of very useful information. Obviously, seeing as it is a textbook. But many famous painters and movements were spelled with typos. Like Raphael turning into Rapael and baroque with two qs and two rs. Haha.

Okay, enough. Time to do what I do best 8D.