High School closed today due to H1N1.

Now all that's left in Bandar Hilir's SFI and IJC.

Let's see who's the last one standing XD XD XD.

Hari Q yesterday. I was waay to tired to blog. I was bullied (YET AGAIN. WILL MY LIFE EVER BE LEFT IN PEACE? ;___;) by the insane form 2s. It involved much thwacking and spraying of hair with colored hairsprays. The left side of my head was bluey-purply, the right side gold. Damn you ELS form 2s =__=. The kawad was normal. Except that some BSMM idiot at the back just had to go "swoon-*thump*". How gawdawfully embarrassing. Gah. Anyway, after that we watched the performances (the band played marginally better, the violinist played a less-emo violin piece, and the cheerleaders were...well, you know. Cheerleaders.) then we could go do our thang. Lol. I was planning to wander about aimlessly talking to the voice in my head, but then I saw Crystal and Clarice lugging 12-pack (or was it 24? @@) Coke bottles across the hall and I just had to go help them. They were so small. You hafta pity them XD XD XD. And so I helped out the BSMM stall by screaming and generally creating havoc. Just doing my job 8D. Didn't go round to the other stalls, really. Just went pass them when helping to carry more coke bottles (and screaming "AIR PANAS! AIR PANNNAAASSS!!" to get the students to make way for us). Did some barter trading for random items, like jelly and a carton of ice lemon tea. Haha. Then it was time to go watch the Bintang IJC thing. Didn't want to sit at the back of the hall so I pretended to be on first aid duty and stood with Clarice and Sha-Lotte. We were laffing our pants off over a 'cletie' XD XD XD. The performances were okay, I guess. Some sang really well, more sang...really bad. Haha. That's about it, I suppose.

Went to the Dewan Kebudayaan at night for a play. Entitled 'Abang, Oh Abang'. It's in English though. Co-directed by my Lit teacher, hence the coming to support. Went with Leah, Wen Yu and Sue Anne. The rest of the Lit class couldn't make it, so yeah. Thank God, I suppose. We'd have brought the entire theater down. Literally. HAHAHA. Geddit? Literally?? Hahahaha..haha..ha...ha...ha...

Oh forget it =_=

The hall was pretty empty, if I must say so. It was huuge, but the number of empty chairs greatly surpassed the number of chairs with butts in them. It was sad, but at least we got really good seats. Close enough for Leah to throw her heels at the actors/actresses if she wanted to XD. The story's basically about this family of four. Husband has a mistress and comes home drunk every night and gives his money to his mistress, wife in distress and working at night to make ends meet, 13-year-old daughter falls in love with mother's friend (Khalid- or "Halid" as he pronounced it. I think it was suppose to sound sexy XD) and ends up getting pregnant, and uni-son reads porn (Playboy, mind you, though the magazine cover looked suspiciously like Cosmopolitan) and does drugs thanks to said Khalid guy. Uni-son killed Khalid guy in the end. Haha. It wasn't exactly a happy ending. The whole play's suppose to be rather serious, but we (the audience- the Lit class laughed the loudest I suppose) laughed and talked back to the actors and actresses. It was quite fun. Until we got to the end and Ms. Audrey threw us a buncha cushions and a shoe rack to load into Leah's dad's car. Man, we were pissed. She piled us up with the cushions (and shoerack), gave us orders, and in the exact same breath told a crewmember that "tak ada orang tolong langsung". Can you believe it?! I'm boycotting Lit class. Full stop. Haha. So, yeah. Besides being ordered about and then left alone with six cushions and a shoerack, it was fun.

Whee! Meeting Lavinia tomorrow. Yaay. Despite the psychotic H1N1 shit, I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully I can wake up tomorrow. I'm super tired. I need sleep!!!