Rambling Thoughts

Good lordy, bet you never expected me to return with that now, did you? XD

Yes, yes, it's less than an hour since I last blogged, but I just came out of the shower and one of the lightbulbs in my head (one that hasn't fused yet) lighted up. It was...a thought! But probably not long enough to ramble upon. I haven't the time to ramble along with it now anyways.

To all you emo people out there, instead of saying "You don't understand", how about saying, "You of all people should understand, seeing that you are just like me, you'd have probably went through what I have before"

It's a bit longer and lenghtier than the three words you guys are so used to saying, but come on. All you guys do is walk around keeping emo-ly quiet and waiting for someone to notice you. Use that breath before you get halitosis and/or suffocate from your miserable silence, then make people go "huh?!" and badger you for an explanation. See, I'm teaching you how to kill two birds with one stone XD XD XD.

But, yeah, let's get serious (no, not in that way, you desperate single weirdo. I've got someone in mind already ;D). All you emo people keep thinking that "Oh woe is me for no one understands my plight", but...you do realise that you're not the only human going through mixed up feelings, right?

What the hell am I saying. If you actually realised that, emos would never exist.

Anyway, yes, much as emo people like to think that they're the only individual going through dejection/rejection/pain/suffering/dll*, I'd just like to extend (not extent. Don't mix those two words up. It makes you look like a retard that has never opened a dictionary before) my arms to you and say "YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 8D" and then chase you away to go to a bright sunny field and vomit all that emo-ness outta ya.

Perhaps if you opened up and shared your 'bad past' with other people who have 'bad pasts', then maybe you'll find that special someone out there really does understand.

Ahahaha. Look! Five more posts to my 100th entry! I've got to come up with something special to celebrate it. It's a special occassion! To me, at least. I know some of you crazy bloggers out there with 100+ posts don't give two hoots, but oh well. I'll just have a private party by myself with cake and candles =D.

And now it's time for me to go eat ice-cream!!!

*dan lain-lain. It's in the Kamus Dewan. Go check XD