I've Come To Realise Something Else!


Apparently I'm better at coloring humans than I thought I was =D.

Here I go again. Blogging at probably the worst time possible to blog. I think that if there ever were to be some sort of disaster (earthquake/fire/hurricane/etc), I'd be happily turning on the computer and going to my dashboard to blog about said disaster.

*Touches wood*

Good lord, this stupid art project is taking me effing ages. I can't see the end of it. It's scaring me. I have around two days left. Two effing days to complete...well, not too many pages of the scrapbook, but the final presentation. Good lord. It's 30x40cm if I'm not mistaken. How the hell do you expect me to complete something that big in so short a time?! Joanne, you flaming bastard. Screw you and your fucked up procrastinating ways. IT SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU'RE KILLING YOURSELF TRYING TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT LAST MINUTE. IT SERVES YOU RIGHT!!!!!!! >:( .

Anyways, I'll stop whacking myself across the head for a while so that I may comment a bit on Luna Sea. I downloaded their album, Period, because, well, it sounded cool. Period. Lol. Well, it was quite disappointing, actually. I was hoping for a d'espairsray rock kinda band, but they're quite watered down. Gah. There are some pretty nice melodies and such, but nothing particularly interesting that actually caught my attention. I do, however, recommend this album to all bass-lovers (*coughcough*), because most of the tracks have very prominent basses to them. Yupp.

Nothing else to say now. I am in bad need of sleep. I shall arise early tomorrow and continue with the project. Hope I won't fall asleep during the band concert tho. Them band geeks better not play any boring songs~