In Eden, we can be together~


Yay! Let us all celebrate my finally reaching the 100th entry after...uh, close to 3 years of inconsistent-but-starting-to-get-fairly-consistent blogging. Whee! *blows trumpet and flings glitter all round*

I just completed that spiffeh thingey you see up there *points up*. It shall be in honour of my reaching the 100th entry. It took quite a long while...nearly a month? Had to stop for a while to work on art project. Continued straight after, then scanned it in. It's larger than the usual A4 sized drawings I do (it's around A3 size) so I had to scan it in two parts. Then I used some really awesome tutorial on piecing the two parts together then did some touch-ups in Photoshop. Good lordy, my tablet-ing/Photoshopping $k!lLz are getting better! Yay! Soon enough you'll see me whacking out full digital drawings, though I must say I still worhip traditional media. I should, seeing as I've spent quite a fortune on markers XD.

So, yes. Super busy week is still in progress, and what with me being stupidly tired for no apparent reason, I forgot to blog about this yesterday. Well, yesterday was one of the not-so-many historical days in Joanne's life because I finally FINALLY ate food from the school canteen!!! Yes, ever since I first stepped foot/feet into the school when I was in form 1, never did I once eat out of the school canteen. I mean, sure, I do buy bread and drinks and stuff, but not solid meals, like noodles or rice or whatever else. But recently I've been seeing my friends eat all these really yummy-looking food from the canteen and so yesterday I made up my mind to try it out for myself. Uhm...I had: rice, cabbage, and sweet/sour chicken. It was surprisingly good! The cabbage was really nice and soft, not the crunchy sort that I don't like. Haha. Damn, starting to get hungry. Haha.

Right-o, I'll try to suppress my hunger pangs long enough to go about blogging about:


It's parental advisory even 8D

Lol. Anyway, yes, Gazette's latest album, DIM! It's filled with absolutely signature Gazette rock music, so for all fans of Gazette, hardcore or not, this album should well satisfy your Gazette-y needs. The album has quite a lot of tracks, actually. 17 altogether, but there are a few inserts in between. Most of the songs are hard happy rock with a bit of screaming and some turntables thrown in a-la Gazette, but there is still a certain sense of difference if compared to their previous album, STACKED RUBBISH. I think the latter is slightly more upbeat. I'm still loving DISTRESS AND COMA, as well as Headache Man for the wonderful electric guitars. Yes. And I just realised that Reita is just totally <3 br="br" xd.="xd." xd="xd">
Oh LOL. I just thought of it. I could make a band outta my favourite J-rockerS/v-k-ers XD. If Gackt were to be vocalist, Tora (Alice Nine) and Shin (Kagrra) as guitarists, Reita as bassist, and Tsukasa (d'espairsray) as drummer...ahahahahahha. Oh, the joys of imagination.

If it did happen I think I could die happy regardless of all that I've had thrown at me 8D 8D 8D.

Okay, done for now. Whee~