Beautiful Alone

It's so funny, I used to like that song a lot. Back when I was super super obsessed with Weiss Kreuz. I still like it though. It's a beautiful song.

I remember how hard it was to find Weiss Kreuz merchandise/cds cause they were so unpopular (and real old, if I may say so =P)

How odd. I found a whole nest of funneh Form 2s with blogs. They're so entertaining. The blogs, I mean. But the bloggers are pretty spiffeh too XD.

BSMM camp was super awesome! I honestly thought I'd end up cursing myself to hell for even bothering to show my face, but I thank God I did. I had lots of fun. Eventhough my voice is hoarse from screaming/emceeing and that I was super tired at the end of the day, and that my feet hurt like maaaad, but I'm happy nontheless. Went to school early-ish (round 7.10) armed with a bucket, slippers, newspapers, a carton of goo (made out of starch, instant jelly that expired back in 2007 and instant oatmeal), and a bicycle pump that would later give birth to my dog Fido XD. A lot of hoo-ha getting ready with the games and whatnot, and that continued on for the rest of the day till the games actually begun. I crapped away happily into the mic and caused most of the general confusion, then there was the recycling competition. During which I ran round from group to group attacking their masterpieces with a green balloon named Fido. He was a bit wild. Didn't have time to train him much. Oh well. Many people wished were dead. Many more tried to kill him. Even more approached me during the camp to tell me he died. It was all lies though. I brought him back home round and green. Didn't see him today though. I think he ran away. Oh noes.
Anyway, after the recycling competition we had to wait for our guest star to come give a talk. He came super late. Him and his other Mr. Lim. I didn't mind much. At least it meant that there was less of the boring talk. And that we had more time to prepare the games. I was supposed to be in charge of the obstacle race but I was too hyped up over the goo (now with the extra special ingredient- dying/dead worms! 8D) so I swapped places. I wished I could've swapped to be in the water-balloon station. All of us worked so hard filling up those balloons and putting them into basins of ice, and yet Xiang and I didn't get the chance to play with them DX. Oh well. Maybe we could make some more during the farewell party *hint hint* 8D. The wormy station was pretty entertaining though. Most of the members who came screamed. A lot of them appreciated it though. At least, they showed signs of appreciation. They stuck their hands enthusiastically into the container anyway.
I think pretty nearly everyone got wet! Heck, I was drenched from head to foot. My socks went all squishy with water XD. When they ran out of water balloons random people ran about drenching random people with random plastic bags/buckets (mine included)/containers of water. It was a hot day, so I've no complaints. If only I wore a black shirt. Haha. Xiang and I were rather disappointed that we couldn't go about drenching people as well, until Xiang came up with the bright idea of flinging the worm goo at everyone. Bao Jun's reaction was by far the best. Ah, the expression on her face when I flung a handful of starchy-worm goo at her. The sound of her scream was music to my ears XD XD XD XD XD.
After all the washing off, we continued on with cleaning out the place (it was absolutely filthy). Ironically, the committees were the ones who stayed back to do the serious cleaning. Not that I minded; I had oodles of fun runnning round filling basins of water and flinging them onto the floor. I wouldn't be able to do that on a normal school day XD. Though the objective of the camp was to 'instil teamwork and co-operation as well as improve interaction amongst members of BSMM' I think it turned out more like 'instilling teamwork and co-operation as well as improving interaction amongst the committee members of BSMM' XD. But what the heck, it was so much fun I think the cleaning out was the best part of the day. You guys are awesome man! It was a complete joy working with you guys *bows*. My sister came around sometime during the cleaning process and said she wanted to 'help', but she only went about being the irritating person she really is XD. It was entertaining. In an irritating way. Haha. After the cleaning I went back home. Exhausted, but I wouldn't mind doing it again. Lol. And that is the end to my rambles on the BSMM camp. Whee.

UP3 tomorrow! Yay!! I'm effing screwed really. BM, Commerce, Economy. Bloody hell. And I have an evil nagging feeling that my teacher's going to kill me tomorrow. Don't ask me why. Just don't question my disappearance if I do disappear. You should understand the reason why. Haha. I just watched I Capture The Castle. It was absolutely disappointing. Maybe it's because I was comparing it to the book, and I really shouldn't have done that. But I couldn't help it. I love that book so much and I really wanted the movie to be like it. Even if the movie couldn't show all the scenes and the script wouldn't quite be as in the book, the least it could do to do justice to the book is make the characters like the ones in the book, and at least make the ending better than it was in the movie. Argh. Such a disappointment. Ah well. The movie's from America (kindly lent to me by Ms. Audrey. Thanks teacher!) so it's uncensored and so you can see a perfect view of Topaz's booobs when she was communing with nature. I watched that scene with my mother. I had adult supervision. So you have nothing to say about it 8D.

Gah. I want the computer monitor back!!! Hurry up with it already! DX. Does anyone have any idea how to vectorize shapes in Photoshop? I'm looking for a tutorial right now but can't seem to find one. If I don't have a solution to it I'll have to wait till the monitor returns so that I may use the Illustrator in the other PC. By then I'll be old and grey. Haha.
Yeah, this has something to do with the whole something-up-my-sleeve-thing-insert-Mao-Ufufufufu~-thing. Here's hoping I succeed! I won't rest until I do 8D.