Minor Rambles and Markers~

Just a couple of pens on my current wishlist 8D

My days of being the president of the English Language Society are over 8D.

Hari Watika today. The VIPS were considerably punctual, nothing unpleasant happened, and everyone worked pretty efficiently, so the event went by quickly. It wasn't as agonising as I thought it would've been, except when the sun came out at the last half and the left side of my face got baked XD.

Nothing much to update about really. All this blogging is making me abandon my personal journal. Gah. I seem to have lost the urge to journal DX. It's sad, because I really really like writing. But after the happenings of early this year, the manic urge to compose journal entries just went off like a lightbulb. Don't know why. I've tried various ways to revive the mood, but none of them seem to be working well enough. Gah. And I have such a pretty journal too DX. Heaven forgive me for wasting precious paper.

Working on a new drawing after a long while (shut up about me procrastinating on everything else far more important XD). Not sure what to say about it just yet, so you take a look at it once I'm done with it =D. It's definitely something I haven't quite attempted in the past, but it's an idea that I thought of for a long while but never had the guts to go on with.

Oh, oh! To all you marker-philes out there, if you haven't checked out this place yet, I highly suggest you do so right now! I Like Markers is a wonderful blog for marker-addicts, particularly Copics. I stumbled upon this blog when I was surfing through Copic's offcial Myspace. This blog has very useful hints, tips and tricks for rendering with Copic markers. I've learnt a whole lot in the short span of time reading the blog entries, on how to color things I found difficult to do in the past, like coloring transparent objects/water reflections/icicles. With short tutorials on pretty nearly everything and anything and ranging from beginner level to advanced, I'm 100% positive you'll find something out that will make you a bit more pro at markers 8D.

Okay, back to coloring. Expect some album reviews in the near future~