Listen to the MUSIC~~~

Well, someone's turning into a rock fan ;D

Hello amphibians XD. Yeah, was introduced to this band---> GIRUGAMESH!. Excuse me for not having the funky 'a' symbol they use in their name instead of the regular alphabet. I'm far too lazy to do anything than sit and let my fingers do the talking XD.

Anyways, yes, I downloaded the album quite a while ago, but due to the looming deadline of me art project, I did not have the time to open up the file and listen to it. I did just yesterday, and wow, was I impressed. MUSIC, as the album is simply named, is wonderful in terms of rock-y-ness and whatnot. They're very d'espairsray-Gazette, except maybe d'espairsray has a heavier, darker aura to their songs. Girugamesh, however, has 'clearer' sounding tracks, with lots of cool electric guitar melodies and spiffeh turntables. The vocalist ain't too bad, a slightly higher-pitched voice compared to Hizumi, maybe a bit like Ruki, but less...screamo? XD Nah, it's actually quite a bit as screamo as Gazette. The turntables give off the same Visual Kei rock vibe as well. Not only that, Girugamesh has this consistent load of rock-goodness throughout the album, so it's practically one great song after another, right up until the end. This album is really not to be missed if you're a fan of the aforementioned bands. I can't really choose favourites, because it is an overall awesome album, but tracks that should be given a shot are Breakdown, Ishtar, Angry Juice, and Enishi. Actually, just listen to the whole album. It's really really worth it. Haha.

Oh wow whee! Gazette's releasing their latest album tomorrow!!! Woohoo!! I sort of forgot about them after I listened to their Stacked Rubbish album, but after listening to their two latest singles (LEECH and DISTRESS AND COMA), I'm keyed up for DIM. Yay!

Oh, just for the record, I'm still worshipping Gackt-sama =D.

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