You are the irreplaceable flower


WOOHOO!!! Let us all celebrate the birthday of a God XD XD XD.

Gackt's latest MV's out! Flower!! Woohoo!!! There're two sides to it, A and B. The A one is technically 5.40 mins of just-Gackt sitting down and looking Godlike-sexy. The B one has a bit more action ;D. I am now totally addicted to the song. It's too beautiful to be twue XD. Loving the lyrics, as always. Go Gackt-sama! =D

I guess I'm boring all readers out there with the seemingly neverending ramble about Gackt. Haha. My life is pretty shitteh, so I don't quite want to blog about that. Don't want to waste entries turning them into emo rants. Not with this new swanky colorful look to it XD. Tho I think I'm using Squares a bit too overabundantly- I'll try to draw something special for this blog soon. When I find enough time to do it 8D. And besides, there's no one else special enough to me to blog insanely over except Gackt- unless you'd like to count in the seme, but she's pretty boring and I don't see enough of her so there's nothing much to blog about that XD XD XD.

*gets bricked*

Besides, who can actually get enough of that flaming hawt God of a person? XD.

...Wait. I meant Gackt-sama in that previous sentence, not the seme.

*gets bricked again*