Flop the pop, bop to the rock!

...That was a completely random title.

3 whole days of non-stop (and I mean literally literally literally non-stop, well, minus the hours spent for the band concert), I actually managed to complete my art project!! Whooo!!! *celebrates*. Still a couple of minor tweaks to do here and there, but besides that, I can finally sleep on it. Haha.

Goddamn, I seriously felt like I just gave birth after that last stroke of the marker. Whole body went as limp as noodles XD. The mental and physical exhaustion, yet the happy bliss that it's finally done.

Maybe that's how getting an orgasm feels.


So now with that project shoved aside, I can contemplate on more serious things. Like studying. No. Seriously. Time is running out man! What the hell am I doing sitting down here typing about shit and shtuff when I should be studying??! DX.

I've got something spiffeh up my sleeve. To quote SID's vocalist Mao: [Ufufufufufufu~<3]>