Freedom, For Freedom


First post of August!!! 8D

Okay, so I've been blogging about my boring life far more than I thought possible. Go me! XD. I shall give a theme to the month of August, not in conjunction with the independence month on purpose, but that too =D. The theme of August shall be [FREE]. Study hard for exams, but be free of stress, be around family and friends, but be free of negative criticism and peer pressure. Go out and celebrate who I am, but be free of H1N1 infection. Let the love flow, and yet be free of the doubt and fear that come with it. Say whatever the hell I want, but be free of the claws of the ISA.

Right, scratch that last one.

Anyway, a little bit on the picture above *points upwards*. Yeah, well, that's pretty much what you'd get when you're feeling absolutely bored and there're blank canvasses and Copic Various Inks lying around. If you're me, that is XD. Yeah, I literally went supersonically wild with my Copic re-fill inks and the colourless blender. Lots and lots and lots of colourless blender. It's almost as if I did not spend a fortune on buying all those inks XD. I was going for a picture that can not only be seen, but felt. So there're a lot of 3D elements, like the pink butterfly (it's attached to the canvas with blutack), gemstones and little roses. Not quite how I expected it to turn out, but, yeah, the results are wonderfully satisfying. Albeit the fact that the photograph didn't turn out too well, and though editing it in Photoshop returned it to close to its original colour, much of the picture's original vibrancy and details were lost. Oh well. I'll probably work on close-up shots later, but for now the computer and camera have given me a big enough headache. Haha.

If you'd like to hear me rant further on this spiffeh piece of canvas, kindly visit this pretty link~

H1N1 pandemic's getting pretty spiffeh, huh? XD. Perhaps Judgment Day's coming!!! Ya know, I always thought that natural disasters (i.e floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.) was kinda like God's way of getting rid of lots of people in one fell swoop, kinda like how you'd do it in a strategy game. Like Age of Empires. Or that game I used to play, Populous. Those games where you're suppose to build up a whole army and kill off the enemies and stuff. Yeah. Those.

Then I think that Judgment Day's kinda like God pressing the 'Restart' button 8D.

Okies, done for now. Time to sleep. Tomorrow I shall go to school wearing a mask and pretend that I'm one of those Japanese high school delinquents that you see in anime/Japanese dramas. Or I could just pretend that I'm Reita and go around jamming on an imaginary bass XD.

Goodnight, everyone.