Bangers and mash with onion gravy~

Having absolutely nothing to do in class today, I flipped through Leah's copy of yesterday's Star- and came across a page of food recipes. They looked easy enough, so I brought the pages home to try them out. I tried out bangers and mash with onion gravy (picture above) for dinner today XD. Yeah, yeah, most of you will be wondering what the heck is a banger. It's just a fancy British slang for sausage. The dish itself is a rather popular meal served in pubs in England, if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, it's really yummy XD. And yes, it's actually edible. Told you I can cook edible food without burning down the kitchen. The dish techinacally consists of sausages, mash potatoes, and a brown gravy made out of onions, stock and red wine. I messed the wine part up- the recipe needed dry red but I didn't happen to have any around the house. My dad opened a bottle of regular red wine specially, and the result is pretty nice, if I must say so myself. It was pretty easy to make, really. Nothing too fanciful. Fry sausages lightly, followed by onions, rest of gravy ingredients, then pour the lot into a baking dish and into the oven. The mash was simple enough- boil potatoes till soft then mash with butter. Yum. Though I think I did put a bit too much stock, it still tasted great =D. And the mashed potatoes were just the right consistency too! Not too dry and lumpy, and yet not overly smooth and watery. Just a nice silky, soft lump of yummeh potato XD.

Uhm, the bread's all fake. Just in case you were wondering.

Waaaa!!! One Academy's design competition was brought forward to the 22nd August aka next Saturday!!! No wai!!!!! DX DX DX. My head's all blank. I think that should be the best way to enter a competition. Blank and as empty as a flowerpot. So that I can just throw in all I've got without any restraints when the time comes....right? @.@.

I'm so so sorry, twinny. I can't make it to your housewarming ;___;. And I so wanted to go ke-po in your house too XD.

I shall leave for now. Till next time, folks.

I'm going to try baking the Parisian Apple Tartlet next =D.