Puri puri puri~~~~~~

Purikura!<3 br="br">

I never like the idea of camwhoring in a photobooth, but if I were given the option to re-live yesterday's antics, I'd give everything I had to do so =D.

Gah. No one one will ever know how much I'd like to go to GACC. But obviously I'm not -there- and I'm stuck -here- in front of the computer blogging about how much I'd like to be -there- eventhough it's less than 10 minutes away from -here- XP. But, no. I mustn't be so selfish. It is for the well being of mankind. Haha. But, yeah. I don't want anything unfortunate to happen. I don't want something extremely fucked up happening and it being entirely my fault. So, I'll just avoid the glares and whys and the wonderings of why I'm such a paranoid idiot and stick my foot in it. I'm okay with the looks and questions. It's not your fault because I never provided you an explanation, before or now. So, hm, yeah. I'll quit moaning about it. There's always Comic Fiesta. And GACC next year, though I have an odd feeling that I'd proabbly have to go there solo, who knows. Lol.

I'm already at the 4th page of Tatakau Monotachi! Yeah, from what I was spouting about some 10 months or so ago you'd think I'd be done with the dang song by now. I actually stopped playing it cause I thought it to be too effing hard, but then I got back to it for the heck of it and now, despite the fact that I'm going at a speed of a dead snail and that my fingers are going to split from stretching too much and that my piano teacher ain't helping me out at all, I'm doing pretty well. Haha. It'll probably take me another 3 years or so to actually reach the speed and quality of the original playing, but what the hell. Practice makes perfect, yeah? I just gotta stick to it XD.

Alright, retarded post over. Next time, I shall go into the purikura with my parents and sister. Haha.